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The Kingston Health Coalition is on a continuous fight against for-profit health care. The following lists relevant information and documents regarding this campaign.

For a gallery of pictures from some of the campaign events click here.

For press releases regarding for-profit health care issues click here.

July 2003:
July 9th Letter to the Whig Standard

May 2003:
Medicare Action Alert: Act Now! Write a letter to the Industry Committee
Cavalcades Across Ontario

March 2003:
For Profit Hospitals & Clinics Threaten the Future of Medicare: Ontario Health Coalition Launches Fight Back

Ontario groups campaign against health privatization

February 2003:
List of Campaign Events Held in February

January 28, 2003:
POLLARA National Opinion Survey on Accountability in Health Care

September 30th, 2002:
Message From Kingston Health Coalition Co-Chair Charlie Stock

September 26th, 2002:
Private Health Care Dollars Swell Eves' Campaign Trough:
A report by the National Union of Public and General Employees