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Summary of Events Feb 4th - Feb 10th, 2003 -
Health Care Campaign

Tuesday, Feb 4th - Greet The Premiers - Red-Light Action

We create a strong visual and send a message that Canadians are
watching - won't stand for backroom dealing with our health care

Where: Prime Ministers Residence - 24 Sussex Drive
When: 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Who: Public - people coming from outside Ottawa, staffers,
concerned citizens etc. No plan for putting main spokespersons out front at this event.
Main Organizers: Ontario Health Coalition, Ottawa Health
Coalition, NUPGE, Council of Canadians, CHC, PSAC, Ottawa Labour
Council, CLC, CUPE,. Regional health coalitions, Kingston,
Peterborough, Pembroke etc.

Purpose: Send message that Canadians are engaged, vigilant and
concerned. Create a good visual for TV.
Messaging: Canadians are engaged and vigilant in protecting their
public health care system.

Wednesday, Feb 5th - Rally at First Ministers' Meeting - Red-Ribbon Action

Where: Old Ottawa City Hall, 111 Sussex Drive
When: 12:00 noon - 1:00pm
Who: Barb Byers, Maude Barlow, Shirley Douglas, Judy Darcy, AFN
representative, CFNU rep, NDP (Jack Layton). 
Main Organizers: Ontario Health Coalition, Ottawa Health
Coalition, CHC, NUPGE, Council of Canadians, PSAC, Labour Council,

Purpose: Send message to premiers, media and public. Speakers
outline main points followed by red-ribbon action wrapping front
of city hall in Medicare Ribbon. After First Ministers' agreement,
message from media-spokespeople for each organization.

Messaging: Public doesn't trust the political process, shouldn't
be done behind closed doors, Romanow, Public delivery.

Thursday, Feb 6th - Ontario Council of Hospital Unions and CUPE Conference - Noon Action

CUPE/OCHU planning meeting to include anti-privatization action.

Where: Bank of Montreal - Market - To Be Confirmed
When: Noon
Who: CUPE/OCHU delegates and others - Maude Barlow speaking
immediately after the action.
Main Organizers: CUPE/OCHU

Message: Stop Privatization

Friday, Feb 7th - Council/CCPA Policy Forum

Major health care policy forum timed to put FM's agreement under

Where: Ottawa Congress Centre - Colonel By between Slater and
When:  9:00am - 5:00pm
Who: Registered Participants including Labour, Public, Council
members, Health Canada etc.
Main Organizers: Council of Canadians, CCPA

Purpose: Provide national and international expert analysis of
First Ministers' Agreement relative to Romanow's Recommendations
and outlining consequences - forward looking presentations.

Messaging: Health experts don't believe deal fixes health care
problems - substantive arguments

Friday Feb. 7th Romanow Luncheon (to be confirmed)

Provide Romanow with first major opportunity to speak out on
health care after a prolonged silence -attract significant media
attention to the conference.

Where; Ottawa Congress Centre
When: 1:45pm - 2:30pm
Who: Commissioner Roy Romanow
Main Organizer: Council of Canadians, CCPA

Purpose: Compel Mr. Romanow to speak out after the First Ministers
deal and keep his recommendations for reform in the public mind.
Messaging: Our political leaders must heed the will of Canadians
and institute true progressive reform

Saturday, Feb. 8th- Sunday, Feb. 9th People's Summit on Health Care

Gather activists from different sectors and from across the
country to plan and design action plan - designed to get
commitments from different groups and strengthen working

Where; Ottawa Congress Centre
When: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Who: Health Care Activists from across the country
Main Organizers: CLC, CHC with  assistance from NAPO, Polaris, CEP, OHC, with help of other regional health coalitions and other Labour partners, Council of Cdns

Feb. 10th Health Care Lobby

Take the People's Summit Action Plan to Parliament.

Where: House of Commons
When: 9:00am - 1:15pm - Strategic meetings with Caucus chairs and
influential MP's, followed by plenary where party's present
positions and we hear from stakeholders like the CMA etc.
Who: Activists from People's Summit, political leadership from
labour, health experts.
Main Organizers: CLC, CUPE, COC, CHC

Purpose: Pressure political representatives on issues and keep
health care debate moving forward.
Messaging:  There will be a political cost to supporting the
dismantling of public health care in Canada.