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The Romanow Commission

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Canadian Policy Research Network: Health Reform Overview (Romanow Primer)

Brief to the Romanow Commission

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View the Romanow Commission page from the Ontario Health Coalition

October 20th, 2003:
Health Council now appears pointless

May 11th, 2003:
Romanow Speech, "Connecting the Dots: From Health Care and Illness to Wellbeing"

April 3rd, 2003:
CPAC Interview with the Roy Romanow

December 2nd, 2002:
Tactics and Strategy Suggestions from Romanow Teach-In

November 2002:
Collection of Responses to the Romanow Report

November 28th, 2002:
Eves: Abandon For-Profit Health Care (OHC)
Preliminary Analysis of Report from the Canadian Health Coalition and the Canadian Labour Council

November 28th, 2002:
Preliminary Analysis of the Romanow Report from the OHC

November 2002:
Romanow Speech: Creating a National Health Care System for Canadians

October 16th, 2002:
Romanow Speech: The Cost of Health Care: Is it Sustainable?

A KHC Member's Personal Submission to Romanow