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1. Educate, condense Romanow report and distribute.

2. Postcards, advertize a number where members of the public can find out more.

3. Write to MPs and MPPs.

4. Badger politicians into public statements on Romanow

5. Call the report the people’s report and the findings the will of the people.

6. Keep debate in the public sphere.

7. Coordinate approach, op ed pieces, letters to the editor, structured approach to keeping the report alive in the media.

8. Chapter by Chapter focus on the good points.

9. Hold a referendum on the major recommendations, or on our view of medicare.

10. Put an ad in the paper thanking residents for signing petition and calling on them to continue support.

11. More ads in newspapers raising the issues raised in Romanow.

12. Follow liberal leadership candidates, dog them on the medicare issues, fill in report cards

13. Clarify funding from tax base not just the surplus.

14. Expose privateers, go to board of directors of hospitals, specifically look at the privateers who own the ancillary services, portray images of the ancillary services workers, women of colour, often with less education and the class based discrimination against them in Romanow.

15. Find out where doctors send their patients for lab tests, etc. and expose the doctors who use for-profit services.

16. Produce a Romanow fact sheet, start handing it out, possibly during the ministerial meetings.

17. Large rally at the ministerial meeting.

18. Produce a monthly report on the implementors, what positions and actions have the various governments, politicians and other public bodies taken.  Release it monthly and keep up the heat locally and nationally.

19. Stress the issue of accountability, Provinces who want the money, need to be accountable.  It only makes sense.

20. Put out short snappy answers, a mantra, to the main arguments against the report and in favour of for-profit health care.