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Runciman Picket to Oppose Private Hospitals



Residents from Kingston, Brockville, Cornwall and Renfrew will be holding an information picket, May 23,  at Bob Runciman’s Brockville office.  The picket is one of a series of province wide activities responding to recent comments by Premier Harris supporting greater private control of public hospitals.


“The government does not get it,” said Ross Sutherland, co chair of the Kingston Health Coalition. “ They talk about fiscal responsibility, yet all the evidence from the United States shows that private health care, including private hospitals, cost more.  The governments only real commitment is to helping their big business friends.  Harris’ blind allegiance to the wealthy will only  hurt patients and our provincial finances.”


The information picket will take place between 1 and 3, Wed. May 23 at 243 Perth Street in Brockville, Ontario.   Mr Runciman’s office was contacted three weeks ago to set up an appointment for representatives of these groups to discuss this issue.  His office has so far not responded with a time.


Participants from Kingston will be meeting at the Steelworkers Hall, Concession Street, at 12noon and car pooling to Brockville.