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Kingston Health Coalition Minutes
14 Jan 2004    Council On Aging Board Room

1. Ross reported on the Ontario Health Coalition (OHC) conference call.
-   Information and action things.  P3's implementation going ahead at the
Royal Ottawa by the end of month and Brampton by March. Why is the Liberal
Government being so secret about it if  it is reasonable. Is there a
glitch?  Why is it taking so long?

Announced by  OHC that six other hospitals in works confirmed by Minister
of Health Smitherman.  Each will be decided individually.  7 billion

Natalie Meha, OHC Co-ordinator, is sending out press releases each week.
KHC could fit in locally if we had list of topics in adance.

2. Whig Standard Coverage issues: Ann Lukits has been talking to Ross a
fair bit. Preparing to do an article or series on the public/private issue.
She will use Kingston  MRI as prototype of  whole debate.  Home Care,
MRI's,  Hospitals etc.

Ross will ask editor of WhigStandard to remind them of wish for meeting with
Editorial Board.

3. OHC also has in the works  Home Care forums

Speakers tour, possibly Allison Pollack from Britain on P3's economics, and
Maude Barlowe.  Democracy issues will be addressed, but concentrating on
the economics of P3's.

Should the OHC  be doing something more dramatic on 3P issue.  Action under

4.  Protest at MPP's offices  were held Dec 8 and 9.  We made a request to
meet with them at that time.   Haven't heard from Gerretsen nor Dombroski.
Marijana will speak to Gerretsen's office.  Dombroski will be called by

5.  We discussed OHC's idea of a march down University Avenue on 3P's in
March in Toronto. We support this idea and Ross will express support on our
behalf.  Natalie reports lobbying around province is happening.

6.  Deficit hearings:  We wish to make presentations just on health care.
Ross will try to appear.  Not only do the dates make it hard to attend, but
the locations around the provicne are very limited.

7. How to revitalize the KHC?  Talked about how to get different
organizations to come out.  A social pot luck was proposed to celebrate
ourselves and invite people to rededicate to the KHC.  List what we have
done the past year.  Half  hour of business. Date and activity: Pancake
social Saturday March 27 .  Fresh maple syrup.  Need venue.  Cost to rent ?
North Kingston Community Health Clinic is one possiblity. Marijana Will
check NKCHC.  Matthew will check Kingscourt United Church. Mary McPhee will
check out St. Margaret United Church.
Some pot luck aspect was suggested to reduce costs and involve people
better.  Business part of event at 11 am?
Volunteer donations will be requested.

Further discussion on future KHC activities: Matthew Gventer will check
with cable re: showing 3P's video.

8. Home Care- Sandra's local is negotiating a new contract. Employer
refusing raises. We will make support statement.  Workers should get

9. Financial Report:  KHC has  270 dollars in its accout and the prospect of
receiving a donation of  600 dollars.   Ross undertook  to send out letters
to unions  requesting donations.  We will ask for donations at the
breakfast social/pot luck.

10.  Kingston Coalition for Dental Care meeting at NKCHC.  AWARE, a
representative from John Gerretsen's office, NKCHC will be present. It was
agreed the KHC should support them.  The new coalition is looking  to have
dental care part of  health care, first those who have desperate need. Ross
reported that they see people in hospital Emergency all the time with
dental crises. 500 a year desperate.  5,000 in Kingston in need.  A woman
has been using glue to deal with her dental problems, for example.

11.  Adjournment. Next meeting 11 February.  6:30 pm at the Council On
Aging, 230 Brock Street.