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Kingston Health Coalition Minutes
April 13, 2004 -  convened at 6:45pm
Council on Aging Board Room

1) Breakfast meeting.
                                Re:  Is it the tenth anniversary of the KHC coalition: Natalie noted that
                                John Platt and Natalie restarted the coalition 1995 - Smoky Thomas started
                                it before that.
                                Food,  speakers, short business meeting all from 9 to 11.

                                Mary is finding more helpers to serve, etc.
                                Brian and Mary to get together to arrange buying of food.. 
                                Ross will make KHC funds available.  Sausages started night before,  Juice, Tea, Coffee,
                                Milk,  Maple Syrup, Butter and whatever people donate.
                                Ross will ask David Hahn to donate maple syrup.
                                Pot luck food:  Muffins and fruit. 
                                Ross to send out e-mail asking for Pot Luck donations.
                                Howard Dorey may have a source for milk and coffee. 
                                Brian will check that out
                                Matthew to do flyer for broadcast fax to be sent to Ross for distribution.
                                Also to poster key locations.

Getting word out.
                                Marijana sent letters to politicians.
                                Matthew to send -mail to NDP List. 
                                Church bulletin. Marijana will send e-mail notices to 50 churches.
                                Ross to do public service notices. 
                                Ross will contact Sisters of Providence.
                                As a fun idea it was suggested to ask nurses to bring hula hoop props. (re:
                                Harris's remark that nurses have time to play with hula hoops all day.)

Articles and pictures
from ten years for display
                                Natalie will send bunch of stuff.
                                Ross has boxes at home.
                                Matthew brought in stuff.
                                Marijana requesting skeleton from Linda Wood.

                                Matthew to ask Paul Koktan.  Retired Teachers?  Stan Segel.

                                Charlie Stock,  John Platt, Natalie to be asked to speak.

                                Sandra  Willard will be asked by Ross to set up a Home Care issues
                                information table. Have people talk about what the medicare fight means to them.
                                Marilyn to provide stories from petition campaign.  Have people write down what
                                it means to them and then read intermittently during last fifteen minutes.

Need new executive people.
                                Especially need co-chair.
                                People to encourage people.  Names were mentioned.  Kathy Vakil was mentioned as
                                a good choice, Ross to contact her.

2) P3 hospital meeting  May 26
                                Three speakers to be arranged by OHC.  6-9 at Wilson Room.
                                Start advertising at the breakfast.
                                Title:  The Deficit Double-cross, Private Hospitals and the Downsizing of Public Medicare.
                                Local person to be moderator.  Gavin Anderson will be asked.
                                Brian to seek money for ads for May 26 meeting from the Kingston District Labour Council.

3) Martin making large health care announcements as campaign lead off.

4) Provncial Government is expected to make long term care announcement in response to Sun series.
                                Natalie is asking that we  be ready to respond.

5) Matthew to get posters on anniversary breakfast to Mary McPhee for St.Margaret's United Church Fish Fry.
                                Posters in Botteral Hall. (say "Please Post"at top)

6)   A campaign was proposed to demand public accountability on CCAC's.
                                Public review of what they have decided.
                                We are to think about this campaign, possibly to demand it through the media
                                 and to bring it up through Municipal Councils.

7)  Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 .

No date for next meeting was set.
(Secretary's note: Perhaps we should set it immediately after the
anniversary breakfast meeting
when new executive members are added and when enthusiasm reinforced.)