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Minutes - September 23, 2002

1.  Minutes of Sept 11 meeting, Accepted as amended.  (Money owed Charlie
was for advance for work of Summer Student.)

2.  Financial Report - Charlie Stock: Government sent us the money owed.
There will be some expenses related to Oct 7 meeting, but the balance
reported at the September 11 meeting is current at this time.

3.  Ross reported on the meeting with MPP Gerretsen and the subsequent
news conference.  Gerretsen said there is disagreement in the Liberal Caucus
over for-profit health care.  He is working to move the caucus to opposing
private hospitals and MRI clinics. McGuinty is not on side at this time.

4.  The CHC and the OHC want to pressure the Federal Minister of Health to
either speak up against the private clinics or resign.  The Radiologists
and the CHC held a joint news conference warning that the corporate
invasion of the radiological clinics (MRI clinics) is costly and bad for
public health care.  A major problem is the lack of trained radiologists
and technicians and the government should act to meet that need as a priority.

5.    Arrangements re: the meeting on October 7 was discussed.  Of special
note - Karl Flecker will put out summaries of Maude Barlowe's book to be
sold for $2.  Oscar to be advised since he is selling signed copies of the
book.  Karl is setting off a few chairs at Memorial Hall for Corporate
suits (manakin).   Sign up sheets for Kingston Health Coalition and especially
for a bus for October 19 to be on tables at entrance to hall.
Phoning went well, good response.  City Council to be invited to the
October 7th meeting by Marijana.  Karl will ask COGECO to tape the meeting.
Matthew to ask Darko Matovic to send e-mail to Queen's Faculty.

6.  The Ottawa event (Oct 19th was discussed. Arrangements are being
worked out for a bus.  There will be a car cavalcade from downtown Ottawa to the Royal Ottawa Hospital where a rally is to take place.  Picnic at 2 pm. Bus
back by suppertime.

7.   Use of room C252 has been confirmed for the year. Next meeting
October 23 at 6:30 pm at Hotel Dieu Hospital Room C252.