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About the Web Designer

Well, I was asked to write a little something about myself so here I go. I've had a great time working for the Kingston Health Coalition. It's been the best summer job ever! So first I want to thank Charlie Stock and Ross Sutherland for giving me this opportunity. It's been great and I hope everyone is happy with the site.

In the fall of 2002, I will be entering my third year of the Bachelor of Commerce Program at Queen's University here in Kingston, where I will be specializing in Finance. I am also a member of the Queen's Dance Club, and a participant in the Queen's Mathbridge program for elementary school children.

Web design started out as a hobby, but has now allowed me to get two great jobs. Besides my work here, I was also an HTML formatter for the ex tempore contemporary music journal.

One of my other main interests and hobbies is art. Here's a sample of my work that I completed when I was in high school:

If anyone wishes to contact me, please email me at

Best wishes to all members of the Coalition, I fully support your cause!

Emily Greer