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September 16, 2002
OHA Responds to MOHLTC's Intended Expansion of
MRI and CT Scan Services

Following extensive consultation with members, hospitals, committees of the Board and other stakeholders, the OHA has developed a position and written a letter to the Honourable Tony Clement, on the Ministry's intention to expand MRI and CT services.

In the letter, the OHA cautioned that the current plan of locating new services only within Independent Health Facilities (IHFs) would have an adverse effect on the overall system and that:

OHA also stressed the importance of dealing with hospital proposals for MRI and CT expansion that are currently before the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for approval, and made the following comments:

The OHA recommended that the following criteria and principles be adopted before proceeding with any tendering process or expansion of MRI and CT scanning services:

4. All proposals must include human resource plans demonstrating that any new staffing and recruitment strategies will not adversely impact existing hospital services.
5. All bidders must clearly demonstrate how their proposals will be integrated with other health care services in the system, including, but not limited to, the sharing of patient information, diagnostic results and clinical referrals.
6. All MRIs and CT scanning machines should meet minimum provincial quality standards and should follow strict accreditation standards and patient safety best practices.
7. Given the importance of these diagnostic services to patient care, the awarding process must be fully transparent to the public and must improve the quality, accessibility and sustainability of our health care system.

The OHA requested an opportunity to discuss the issue further and offered to participate on an advisory panel to assist the Ministry in its deliberations. Thank you, to those members who took time to assist us in the formulation of this position. For additional information, contact Marty Gurbin, Sr. Economist, at 416-205-1388 or email

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