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  March 4, 2003 Coalition Casts Doubt on Clement’s MRI Numbers –Calls them “Unbelievable”
  Sept. 25, 2002 For-profit MRI & CT Scan Update: Clement says he's looking at it, Eves says "policy is evolving"
  Sept. 19-22, 2002 September Articles on the Development of the For-Profit MRI/CT Scan Clinics
  Sept. 20, 2002 For Profit MRI and CT Clinics
Slower, More Expensive, More Risky: Report
  Sept. 19, 2002 Private MRI-CT clinics no quicker, report says
  Sept. 16, 2002 OHA Responds to MOHLTC's Intended Expansion of MRI and CT Scan Services
  July23, 2002 Long Term Care Increases
  July 12,2002 OHC Responds to Threat of Private MRI Clinics
  July 8, 2002 Government announces plan to reduce MRI/CT wait times